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A domain, or Uniform Resource Locator (URL), becomes the name of your website's address online e.g.

If you were to stay with Wix's free hosting, your site would be assigned a WIX domain e.g., and they would also show ads on your site.

A custom domain e.g., is always recommended, and you can secure these a number of ways:

  1. Wix offer 1 free custom domain with each premium plan 

  2. Domains can be purchased through Wix

  3. You can purchase domains through other registrars e.g. GoDaddy 

I recommend GoDaddy as I've been using it for many years and find it very easy to use and affordable.

I like having any domains I purchase with the one registrar and it makes it easy for me to keep control over them regardless of whether I want to direct them to WIx to link to a Wix site.

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